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Happy Halloween humans!!! (and non-humans)

Instructions - How to play:

You have to find the devil's number, a number with 3 different digits (can start with 0).

Use the buttons W, S, A, D to move, Space to jump.  Use the mouse to move the view around. Hold Shift to move faster (sprint).

When you encounter a digit, you can hit 1, 2, or 3 to choose the digit (first, second, and third, respectively) as your guess for one of the 3 digits of the devil's number. Remember to come closer to the digit before pressing 1, 2, or 3. Once guessed, you cannot choose that digit again, nor choose another digit to replace the digit in the place you have guessed.

Return to the door from the beginning that has your guessed number embroidered on, to complete your turn. You have 10 turns to guess for the devil's number before losing.

After finishing each turn, there will be a number a number representing how many digits you have guessed right during the last turn (0, 1, 2, or 3). For example, if the devil's number is 340 and you guessed 234 in your last turn, number 2 would appear (as you guessed 3 and 4 right). If the number appearing is 3, it means that you have guessed the right digits, but they are in incorrect order. You have to continue the game and guess the right order of the digits to win.

At the start of the game, the number appearing will be 0 because you have not guessed.

The number appearing on the wall when you start will also represent the level you are currently in. The game will get scarier as you get to a higher level.

Have fun, turn off all the lights, and enjoy!!! (and bring a piece of paper to keep track of what you have guessed in your previous turns)


The Devil's Number.rar 54 MB


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Hi, this is the developer of the game. I actually accidentally made the game public, before writing any instructions for the game. The instruction is now under the description of the game. I will add a more interactive instruction in the game later. Thanks for playing!