Note: You can now press R to restart the level. This works for any level scene as well as the game over scene.

Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is

Follow Tinky the butterfly in a dreamlike world! In her world, rainbows are not what they seem to be, as they destroy good creatures, including butterflies. Help Tinky collect the magical lights to bring back the goodness in rainbows. Only in the mythical lava lamps can the magical lights be found!

Tinky can run, jump, and fly upwards. She can gain boosts that help her fly further or higher. But beware, not everything is good as it seems to be. The more boosts Tinky has, the worse it is for her to control herself.

2017-12-04 (2).png

There are 4 boosts in the game:

  • Green Orb: increase run speed

  • Blue Orb: increase jump height

  • Yellow Orb: increase fly speed and the height that Tinky can reach when flying

  • Pink Orb: increase Tinky’s size, make her bigger

Try to stay away from the boosts in your path!

Movements (if you are too lazy to read the instructions in the game):

  • Left Arrow, Right Arrow: move horizontally (can move while falling from the sky)

  • X: jump upwards (only vertically). Can hold Left Arrow or Right Arrow while jumping to move horizontally.

  • Z: fly upwards and also moves horizontally at the same time. Cannot jump or use Left Arrow nor Right Arrow to move while flying, but can use Left Arrow and Right Arrow while falling after flying.

Special button: R - replay (or restart) the level (can be used both in a level scene and in the game over scene).

Have fun! Please feel free to comment if you have any feedback on the game.


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